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International Education and Its Importance

International Education is when a student leaves the national borders to study in another country. Broadly, it also includes research work and the mobility of teachers to educate students in another foreign country. It is highly supported by globalization and technological advancement that is removing the geographical & other related barriers.

From the perspective of students international education is important because of the following main reasons:

  • Students' exposure increases with international exposure and especially those students who move from a less-developed educational setting to developed countries. For instance, students coming from African countries to the US get better educational facilities here.

  • International education is very important to bring people together and remove differences among them. For instance, differences can be sort when international students can meet people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

  • Global businesses and employers can have the right talent that has international exposure. For instance, in countries like India, multinational corporations prefer employees who have studied abroad as this helps them to easily acclimatize to the culture of the organizations.

  • Its significance is numerous as it helps the student to discover the world and make global connections that open new avenues of opportunities.

From the perspective of the world and countries, it is equally important because:

  • It plays a role in eliminating issues such as poverty. For instance, the international students when moving back to their countries use the exposure to start businesses and use the learned skills for job creation.

  • When there is frequent traveling for international education then countries would be economically vibrant and culturally associated will ensure a better future for everyone.

  • It will allow the flow of ideas, skills, and talent from one place to another. The overall results will make the world a better place to live for everyone.

Benefits of International Education

International education is beneficial for the students, economy, overall society, and countries. It is a win-win situation for everyone who is either directly or indirectly involved with it.

  • From the perspective of students, it allows them to learn new skills and expertise which they may not be able to learn in their home county. The students can learn vertically from teachers who are vastly experienced and horizontally from other students who have come from different settings. Likewise, the students will also learn new cultures and languages with unparalleled exposure. An international student learns from the overall culture and global perspective. For instance, international students in the USA learn from the American culture and value system. It allows the students to develop leadership skills and face issues with responsibilities during their international journey.

  • From the perspective of countries, this facilitates educational tourism and a knowledge-based economy. It allows many different airlines and restaurants to run because of the movement of people from one place to another. It brings countries together and plays a vital role in removing differences. Moreover, it is one of the key ways for culture and language exchange that even facilitates diversity. In the same way, international students can bring their key skills and talents to another place which will support the spreading of knowledge.

  • From the perspective of the world, international education plays a phenomenal role in peace. It removes the walls and creates bridges among different zones of the world.

Challenges of International Education

International education is very significant for the overall prosperity of the human race and the development of economies. However, there are numerous challenges such as:

  • From the perspective of students, the greatest hurdle is to move to another country and face cultural shocks. Likewise, the student will also have to pay heavy fees and bear other expenses which times are not affordable. In some places, international students are even not welcomed and they face backlash such as racism.

  • From the perspective of countries, it is at times not good for the home country as the talented youth moves abroad. Instead of giving back to their home country, the students seek opportunities in developed economies. Likewise, in developing nations, the money that is spent on international education creates a serious shortage of foreign reserves.

  • From the perspective of the world, if international education does not corrupt poor nations then it is very good. Usually, in poor regions, many corrupt officials sent their kids abroad for education so that they can settle outside. Likewise, there is a risk that it will create unbalance in the overall society.

Despite the challenges and issues, International Education has played a matchless role in educating the world and it has been one of the major sources of improvement for the overall well-being of humans.


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