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Teachers who’s changed the world

By CitaBlog of the California International Teachers Association

Teachers are learned and motivate others to do their best. They shape the personalitie of their students and are highly skilled professionals with up-to-date knowledge of worldly affairs. They are enabled to do the best and have done it better than others due to their natural ability to drive things towards success. Likewise, entrepreneurship is a field that demands the adoption of changes, taking calculated decisions, and making most of the time. In this field, teachers are not behind and many teachers took the initiative, and have proved themselves the most effective entrepreneurs. The top five successful entrepreneurs who used to be teachers are:


1. Jack Ma

Jack Ma had a very humble background and he was a very observant student. After graduation in 1988, he taught English for five consecutive years. He is probably one of the most renowned Chinese entrepreneurs whose face is known to a global audience and is also featured on the Forbes cover. Despite him being a modern face of Chinese private entrepreneurship, he has now quick Alibaba and now enjoying his retirement life. Moreover, he has shown up in various TV shows in the past motivating others to take a start and the influence in his life is may have come from teaching.

2. J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter series helped Rowling to be a household name and she cashed the goodwill to be a successful entrepreneur. However, it is a lesser-known fact that Rowling was a teacher and taught English in Portugal. She is probably one of the most successful women entrepreneurs who even after becoming famous remained in touch with teaching and writing which are her core skills. To her, one of the best lessons the field of teaching had taught her is about not hesitating to act and making every moment count.


3. Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons was a primary teacher and taught six graders briefly before he became successful. He is probably one of the marketing geniuses who used his fame to start new businesses and became a hit in no time. Interestingly, he started multiple businesses in different fields and successfully managed them whether they are related to sports, financial services management, or eatery. Simmons's business savvy helped him stand out from other musicians who focus on one career and he grabbed the opportunity to establish himself as a successful entrepreneur by taking the risk promptly.


4. John Craig Venter

Venter is a phenomenal entrepreneur and biotechnologist who extensively worked on automated gene sequencers. His genome research even helped him get the “Dan David Prize”, and remained associated with the field of education. His business acumen and simultaneous work in the field of education havehelped him be featured in Time Magazine for two successive years and listed on the Time 100 list of influential people of the world. Venter's contribution to the field would not have been possible without his association with education and research, which he later used to launch successful ventures.


5. Stephen Gary Wozniak

Wozniak is a technologist and entrepreneur who played an unprecedented role in changing the modern world as he was the co-founder of the world's largest technology company i.e. Apple Inc. Before starting the venture, he was a teacher in Silicon Valley, and consider the era to have a greater impact in framing his future. Due to his association with the field of teaching, he supports education by all means and advises students to learn as much as possible from their teachers.

Teachers are extremely positive individuals who have the potential of taking risks and avoiding failure by making calculated decisions. There is no right and wrong time in the life of teachers, and it is always about stepping forward and taking the initiative so that you can become an example for coming generations.


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